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The Novafon Story

Over twenty five years ago Ford Carruthers was visiting an old friend, Bjarne in Aarhus, Denmark. At 62 Bjarne had been suffering for years with the aches and pains of rheumatism. On this visit Ford was surprised and delighted to hear Bjarne, in very good spirits, suggest a round of golf. By the fourth hole Ford was desperate to find out what wonder drug had cured Bjarne of his rheumatism.

Bjarne laughed and explained that it was no drug which had improved his health so much but a small electronic machine, made nearby, which used the concept of sound therapy originally pioneered in the 1920's by Professor Erwin Schliephake. This hand held device had only been available for use by medical professionals but was now so safe and easy to use it could be sold to the general public.

On his return to Perthshire Ford immediately set up a company to distribute the Novasonic device throughout Britain. Since then Novafon have sold over 100,000 Novasonic devices in the UK alone.

Founding Director Ford Carruthers and his team in Perthshire"We are proud to introduce Novasonic an effective, simple and drug free method of pain relief that works in harmony with your body.

Since we became established in the UK in 1980 Novasonics have been used by many practitioners and patients alike to eliminate debilitating pain, improve mobility and improve the lives of thousands of people.

Our reputation for quality is equal to our unblemished record for care and customer service. The Novasonic is precision-built and vigorously tested. When you buy from Novasonic you can be assured of complete satisfaction. This is my personal promise."

Ford Caruthers gives you his personal gaurentee

Ford Carruthers

Founding Director, Novafon

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"I used Novasonic to treat my own Tennis Elbow with success which enabled me to stop taking N.S.A.I.D.'S for pain relief. As a Doctor to a senior Professional football club I use Novasonic to provide relief to Muscle Joint Strains, avoiding drug intake and allowing treatment at home - enabling players to return to the game earlier."

Dr. Wilson,

"Novasonic is used in my Chiropody practice to treat a variety of symptoms with remarkable results e.g. Hallux Valgus & Bursitis- with remarkable results. Novasonic also reduces swelling, eases pain and restores tissue. It also eases the pain of Rheumatic and Arthritic conditions.

J.M.A. Ch.

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