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Common Questions

What conditions has Novasonic Therapy been successful in treating?
How can it be successful in treating such a wide variety of ailments?
Who uses Novasonic Therapy?
How do I use Novasonic?
Are there any contra indications?

What conditions has Novasonic Therapy been successful in treating?

We have received thousands of messages from sufferers who have found Novasonic helpful in the treatment of many conditions including :-
Migraine, Sinus, Frozen Shoulders, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Tennis and Golf Elbow, Backache, Sciatica, Lumbago, Slipped Disk, Arthritis, Inflammation, Sprains, Muscle Spasms, Cramp

How can it be successful in treating such a wide variety of ailments?

Using novasonic therapy to treat a foot injury Novasonic therapy is the application of intrasonic sound waves of a carefully selected frequency, intensity and proven effectiveness. The waves stimulate the blood flow deep in your body tissue and begin your natural healing processes. Novasonic sound wave pulses are conducted through lymph and spinal fluids, cartilage, muscle tissue and bone. The fact that Novasonic Therapy creates waves which can conduct through such a wide variety of tissue types is what makes it so effective and unique.

Users of Novasonic Therapy

Novasonic is widely used by qualified physiotherapists and other practitioners but is also ideally suited for self-treatment in your own home. Use the Novasonic to treat painful joints and speed the healing of accident or injury, as well as the ailments listed on the Pain Relief page.

How do I use Novasonic?

Using novasonic popular plus to treat a knee injuryNovasonic is lightweight (7oz) and easy to hold (8x3 inches). It simply plugs into an electrical mains socket (240 volts AC). The Novasonic has a Switch with three positions: Off, the new Percussion Effect for treating tight and tense muscles, and the Novasonic Soundwave Therapy position. The intensity/depth of sound stimulation is adjusted by a control similar to the volume dial on a radio.
There is a choice of sound heads, one for application to the back and muscle areas, the other for the treatment of small joints and facial pains. Apply Novasonic gently to the affected areas on bare skin or over light clothing using circular or up and down movements.
Frequent use improves results. We suggest two or three five minute treatments per day.

Contra Indications

Novasonic Therapy should not be used where cardiac pacemakers are located or directly over an area where a metal or plastic plate has been fitted. Do not use during pregnancy, or in the lower leg if suffering from thrombosis. Whenever you are in doubt or if you experience unfamiliar symptoms please consult your doctor.

We are here to help

If you have any questions, or prefer to place your order by phone or post, please phone
on 01796 472735

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"I used Novasonic to treat my own Tennis Elbow with success which enabled me to stop taking N.S.A.I.D.'S for pain relief. As a Doctor to a senior Professional football club I use Novasonic to provide relief to Muscle Joint Strains, avoiding drug intake and allowing treatment at home - enabling players to return to the game earlier."

Dr. Wilson,

"Novasonic is used in my Chiropody practice to treat a variety of symptoms with remarkable results e.g. Hallux Valgus & Bursitis- with remarkable results. Novasonic also reduces swelling, eases pain and restores tissue. It also eases the pain of Rheumatic and Arthritic conditions.

J.M.A. Ch.

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